One of the main objects of this new venture is to carry on business of all types of marketing, selling, purchasing, managing, supervising and servicing activities as well as to manufacture, supply, install, maintain and operate systems to promote sustainability through Green, Clean, and capacity building solutions in the value chain of Solar energy and other modes of energy generation, distribution, transmission products and solutions, LED and other energy efficient solutions, Drinking water & Water purification solutions, Rain water harvesting solutions, E-waste management solutions and to deal in all types of electrical and electronic equipments, products/materials and services.

The Company aims at delivery of products & services of the product suppliers & service providers to the customer directly through the business arranged by a well spread sales and service structure being created by the company. The operations of the company are being started with Eastern & Central parts of UTTAR PRADESH, which would be gradually scaled-up over a period of time.

What Makes Us Different


Build an innovative organizational structure & create a Brand of Trust.


The future of businesses will be in people-intensive, skill-intensive & job-intensive sustainable solutions addressing societal concerns.


Establishment of a wide-spread and robust Marketing, Sales & Service structure primarily dealing in environment friendly products, services and capacity building solutions.